How many times have you changed over the years as a woman? Felt the wave of success or the sting of failure? Throughout the course of our lives we change and alter ourselves many times, and our journeys are often anything but easy. 

From spreading our wings after graduation to falling in love and giving birth, to watching our children grow and feeling our bodies change, to experiencing hardships like divorce, serious illness or unemployment there is one thing we all share in common, the strength of a woman. 

As the mother of two beautiful girls I strive to be humble, learn from my mistakes and embrace my inner beauty as much as the size of my jeans. My journey to self-love and empowerment was not always an easy one, but six years ago that changed when I stepped behind a lens.  

My photoshoots are not just about providing a picture that will live inside a frame, but an experience, a feeling of truly embracing the woman you are. You are allowed to love yourself, be proud of yourself and most importantly celebrate yourself. 

In my non-judgmental environment, you are free to let go of all your inhibitions and honor what makes you, you. Capturing these self-defining moments and offering you a keepsake of the confident woman you are is where my passion as a photographer was born. 

The beauty of a woman is unique, never duplicated. Allow me to transform any reservations you may have about yourself and turn them into strengths. See yourself as others do and walk away empowered. 

Love yourself more. Love your most. Love yourself squared!

 - Jen

She remembered who she was and the game changed.